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This quintessential email experience has been king in the business world for a long time, especially since it's typically bundled with other Microsoft Office applications. While it is a robust solution, it isn't always the easiest to navigate quickly and efficiently. And, if you rely on Outlook for the majority of your business communicationswasted time can cost you big.

Luckily, there are ways to make Outlook work for you. Here are 11 productivity hacks you may not know about that can get you started. Have you ever experienced the terror associated with permanently deleting an Outlook item that you didn't mean to send into the abyss? Now, most users know how to recover an email or appointment that has just been transferred to the trash folder, but did you know you can recover messages that have been truly deleted too?

outlook hacks

If you have a Microsoft Exchange account, there is still hope; it is possible to get these emails back, as they often still reside on the server. See how it's done here: Recover Deleted Items. When not if this happens, it's easy to panic. But all is not lost! You can pull the email back from the ether before the person has a chance to read it. You can learn more about how to recall an email in Outlook here: Recall an Email. Sometimes, you need an email to be delivered at just the right moment.

Delay Delivery allows you to select a time in the future for the message to actually arrive in the other person's inbox, so you can send it now and know it will show up when the time is right. Trying to remember when public holidays occur isn't always easy. You don't have Columbus Day memorized? Luckily, Microsoft Outlook can help you out.

outlook hacks

The software has holiday calendars for dozens of countries, letting you track your own as well as those of your international clients. Now you don't have to worry about forgetting you have a day offthat your children won't be in school, or that your worldly business partners won't be available. Adding this information is easy. Check out the instructions here: Add Holidays to Calendars. Another feature that works great for distributed teams and anyone who does business with people in other areas is the ability to see multiple time zones on your calendar.

This makes scheduling mutual appointments a breeze and helps to ensure you aren't inadvertently interrupting someone's dinner or sleep with a surprise conference call or meeting. Let's face facts; it's nice when emails from your boss or an important client stand out from the rows of digital newsletters and basic communications. While you do have the option to flag these items manually, you can save yourself a lot of time by setting up Conditional Formatting that does the work for you.

Simply define the rules and let your email and calendar items shine like a majestic rainbow-colored unicorn all on their own. You can change the font, too. So, if seeing your manager's messages in Comic Sans tickles your funny bone, you might be able to do just that. Learn how to get it done here: Conditional Formatting.

Luckily, there is an option to stop Outlook from assuming you want the message marked as read so quickly. You can set a delay so that only messages that are viewed for a specific amount of time like 30 seconds automatically get marked. You can learn how to do it here: Delay Marking as Read.

Have you ever ended up in an email string that had nothing to do with you? Maybe someone mistyped the email address of someone who really needed to be involved or just assumed you wanted to take part. You aren't doomed to have to deal with the messages. Instead, you can ignore the conversation, keeping the messages out of your inbox and safely transferred to your Deleted Items folder.Emails have a voracious appetite for your time and attention and can quickly eat through your day.

Using project aliases within MS Outlook is a great first step to controlling your email flow and immediately takes some of the stress out of the insurmountable mountain of daily traffic. Aliases can help massively in keeping track of developments as they happen. Aliases allow you to manage your rules and automatically push traffic into specific project folders, letting you decide when to read or deal with them. Consider them as separate departments, each handling specific parts of the project with specific responsibilities.

One of the most powerful features of Outlook is the huge number of plug-ins available. Utilising the full capabilities of MS Outlook plug-ins is a must-do if you are serious about repurposing it into a project management tool.

There are some serious applications that mean business, everything from email de-dupers, message recovery, auto-schedulers, alerts, print tools and more! Why email someone when you can video conference them on Google Hangouts and chat face-to-face from your desk? MS Outlook allows you to be your own project manager.

Grab your email traffic by the horns and take responsibility yourself. If you pay attention to current opinion and attend to the constant and immediate needs of your inbox like you would a new-born baby, then guess what? It will destroy your day and take over your life.

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Trust me, your emails can wait an hour. A huge part of the overall stress of a project, apart from meeting deadlines, is the fear of losing business-critical data and significantly setting yourself back. Many people rely on this collective responsibility to back-up vital data.

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Instead, introduce your project to a back-up email server and wave goodbye to that headache. Mail servers work by archiving your inbox at the end of every day, soothing all your troubles away. Safely backing-up all of your project data is like parking your new car in the garage, secured by a tamper-evident audit trail, leaving you to focus on the task in hand. Find your flow… Switch your mobile phone off and put your out-of-office on. Go on, see your productivity fly! People are hopeless at focusing on multiple tasks at the same time and are easily distracted.

Yet everyone is surprised when it happens to them…. Were you following along or looking at the woman in the red dress? Look again! MS Outlook has an excellent calendar so get it to work for you and not the other way round.

The Calendar gives you the superpower of being able to see into the future, not to mention project visibility. Being successful is invariably the ability to foresee problems and take action to avert them. Ensure everyone is on the same page by sharing an Outlook project calendar. Use the calendar to mark key milestones and celebrate small successes. It can help unite your team as they work towards the final goal.

Robin Bingeman is a regular speaker on email compliance and standards as well as a director of Cryoservera leading company in forensic archiving and compliance solutions for email and electronic records. Just a simple click and drag you can remind yourself of emails that need to be taken care of before end of day. Also it just looks so much better!! How to Minimize Adverse Selection Risk.One of the trickiest things you may run into at work, is trying to find an email you know someone sent, but have no idea where you filed it.

Many corporations use Microsoft Outlook which has one of the most robust set of features available for email. And while the desktop app allows you to create all the subfolders you could ever ask for, one thing that I have always found particularly difficult in outlook was using search functionality. But what about an email you filed down a dark abyss of sub-folders, deep inside your inbox.

In my weekly escapades to make my life easier, I decided I wanted to find a fix for this once and for all. I came across this amazing article on Lookeen which solves the issue. This work around to the search in outlook had a huge impact on my work productivity. When most of my colleagues can't find a specific email conversation from 10 months ago, just by searching a single term, I can pull it up with ease.

I urge you all to try this trick:. Click browse to select which folders and sub folders this search will have access to. You can get granular with your folder options, if you want the search to only look in specific folders. I personally selected my entire account, as well as the subfolders I knew I would frequent.

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This ensures everything will be searched, and that you wont need to update the custom search everytime you add new folders.

Once created, you will see your new folder begin to populate with data. Move this folder to your favorites for quick search access. And there you have it. No more digging through countless subfolders to find an old email. Search and be done. A big thank you goes to the original author of the Lookeen article for bringing this life changing hack to my attention.

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Folders on folders on folders! Step 3 - Select Folders You can get granular with your folder options, if you want the search to only look in specific folders. Search the Blog. Content Title Description. Contact Us. Subscribe to Email Updates.

Recent Posts. About Us.Millions of people use Microsoft Outlook to manage their email and calendar, at work and at home.

4 Outlook Productivity Hacks

Learning a few simple tricks can save you time, help you work more efficiently and synchronise home and work life. These tips are geared towards Outlookandbut many also apply to Outlook and earlier. If you regularly need to trot out a standard passage of text, you can save it as a Quick Part for easy insertion into your emails.

You can also select your text with the mouse from the Quick Parts dropdown. Write your email, then switch to the Options tab and click Delay Delivery. After you hit Send, the message will be held until the specified time for sending.

You can always search the current folder by typing into the search field above the message list. Your new search folder appears in the folders pane at the left-hand side of the Outlook window; click on it to see messages meeting your selected conditions.

Right-click and select Rename Folder to give it a convenient name. If you find yourself regularly performing a particular task — such as forwarding an incoming email to a colleague, or inviting a group of recipients to a meeting — then Quick Steps can save you time. Click the dropdown arrow and select New Quick Step to create a custom sequence of actions that can categorise, move, flag and delete messages with a single tap of your mouse. The Rules dropdown in the Move section of the Home tab provides options to create and manage rules for automatically processing messages as they arrive.

If you select a message before clicking, it will offer to create a rule affecting similar messages. If you want to save space or tidy up an unwieldy email trail, the Clean Up tool in Outlook and can help.

To use Clean Up, click its dropdown on the Home tab and choose whether you want to tidy up a single conversation or a whole folder. Click the Settings button in the alert that opens to choose what sort of messages should be culled and what should be left alone.

Click Add and enter the name of the person or people to whom you want to grant access. Thankfully, Outlook is well-behaved enough to ask permission before sending a read receipt; you can customise its behaviour further by clicking on the File tab, opening Options, selecting the Mail view and scrolling down to the Tracking section.

Here you can choose whether receipts should be sent always, or never, and you can also configure your own receipt request settings. Click Swap Time Zones to easily switch from one location to the other. Outlook includes a built-in sticky notes feature. By default, notes appear in pale yellow, but you can assign them to categories, which causes them to switch to the associated colour.

To manage your notes, click on the Note icon at the bottom of the View pane: From here you can copy, organise and print notes, and also search, via the field at the top-right of the window, for notes containing specific text.

My account has been hacked

If you want to prove your messages are really from you, Outlook can cryptographically sign your emails. Read more: Click here to check out our guide to the 16 essential Windows 10 tips and tricks. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Secondary menu.Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. If your account has been hacked it means that someone stole your password and might be using your account to access your personal information or send junk email.

Follow the guidance in this section in sequential order to recover your account. Make sure you remove viruses and malware from your PC before you change your password. To reset your account using your phone or another PC, go to account. If you have a good antivirus program installed, make sure it's up to date and then do a full scan of your system. If you don't have an antivirus app installed on your PC, Microsoft offers some solutions if you're running Windows 7, Windows 8. If you're running Windows 7, you can download and install Microsoft Security Essentials.

If you're running Windows 8. Do the following to turn on malware protection:. Select Start. You should also set up your antivirus app to automatically get updates and scan your PC on a regular basis. After you run the antivirus app, sign in to your account and change your password.

outlook hacks

Make sure you create a strong password. If you can't sign in, reset your password. Because someone else had access to your account, we've reset some of your account settings. To check and change your account settings, go to connected accountsforwardingand automatic replies.

As soon as we detect that your account might have been hacked, we start saving your deleted messages in a safe place.

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Select the Deleted Items folder. Outlook will recover as many messages as possible and put them in your Deleted Items folder. Any messages not recovered are permanently lost. This way, parents can be confident that messages they delete from their children's accounts stay deleted.

If contacts have been deleted, you might be able to restore them. See Delete contacts or restore contacts in Outlook. To prevent your account from being hacked in the future, see Help protect your Outlook. Hackers use several techniques to get your account password.Microsoft Office. Outlook helps millions of people manage their email correspondence every day, but assumes you already know how to organize your office correspondence for optimal productivity.

What if you don't? My first rule of Office Management is: work less. Sounds like a perfect solution for all of us, but what does that look like in reality? Touch it once, handle it once, and move on. Then you can read them all at one time without distraction. These are your active customers, most urgent vendors, you name it, these are the files you need at your fingertips. I still cringe at the memory of those heavy, metal drawers slamming shut.

Well, these have essentially become the Inbox folder system which automatically alphabetizes the folders. They would probably contain contract files, corporate records, tax records, etc. The Categories inside your inbox can serve that purpose. Second rule of Office Management: Type less and use shortcuts.

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Here are some easy-to-remember options:. Want more Microsoft Office shortcuts? Check out our shortcuts for WordPowerPointand Excel.

Third rule of Office Management: Be open to learning new tricks! These little-known methods can surprise even the pros:. When an email requires a task or follow up, i. Save your sanity and move the Calendar to your second monitor to easily view both screens side-by-side. These tips in this article are just the beginning of the tips and tricks to simplify your office management while using Outlook.

Check out our full Microsoft Outlook course and you will learn so much more about managing your digital office with Outlook! Andy is a computer trainer specializing in Microsoft Office, job skills and productivity.

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How to Hack Outlook Password

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No comments Login Sign up.Here are seven simple calendar tricks you can use to bring your productivity to the next level:. The Microsoft team is focused on sharing resources to help you start, run, and grow your business. The Growth Center does not constitute professional tax or financial advice. You should contact your own tax or financial professional to discuss your situation.

Translate to English. Skip to main content. Business Tips. Microsoft Team. To do this in Outlook, just open the meeting you want to set as recurring and on the Meeting tab in the Options groupclick Recurrence. Select your desired frequency, set options for the frequency and click OK. Integrate your calendar on your mobile device to stay up-to-date on all your meetings. Install buffer time —Whenever possible, schedule an extra 10 minutes on either side of every meeting, so that you have enough time to clean up from the current meeting and then prepare and set up for the next meeting.

Schedule breaks into your calendar to avoid burnout and boost creativity and let your calendar reminders hold you accountable. Set check-in reminders —As major deadlines approach, schedule check-ins with reminders for benchmarks along the way. Include team members on your calendar reminders to encourage team check-ins as well. Integrate business contacts —Simplify inviting business contacts by integrating your calendar with your contact list.

Pro hack: You can add a contact from an email message in Office Right-click the appropriate name and click Add to Outlook Contacts. A new window opens, where you can fill in the details you want and then OK when done. Use your calendar to stay on top of your day by optimizing organization and ultimately making you more productive.

Discover more productivity hacks to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. About the author Microsoft Team. Buy Now.

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